Whispers in the Wind Book

Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana
Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana

Whispers in the Wind is Jay Rose Ana’s first autobiographical poetry collection of experiences which brought her life to a grinding halt in 2021. Her road to mental health recovery started with her heartbreaking realisation there was a problem. Recovery was intense and unpredictable as blackouts and memory-loss made each day, of the days she did remember, feel like whispers in the wind. This collection, written during these episodes, explores the extreme factors leading to her condition and how she is rebuilding a new normal to fabulous.

Whispers in the Wind is now available in the following ways:


Ko-Fi Online Shop

Bored and Bookless (Worcester Bookshop)

Online Launch 25th November 2022

Whispers in the Wind Online Launch

In-Person Launch 15th December 2022

The Worcestershire Litfest & Fringe will be hosting the launch of Whispers in the Wind on 15th December 2022 at Fred’s Cafe/Deli Bar. Starting at 7:30pm, you are welcome to come along and join in the launch.

15th December Launch of Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana

Whispers in the Wind was made possibly through the support of The Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe and Time To Change Worcestershire.

Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana