Introducing Whispers In The Wind, my first poetry collection

Available now from Waterstones: Whispers in the Wind

In what has been a lifetime in the making, my first poetry collection is readying for launch, Whispers in the Wind, talks of mental health, gender transition, grief, and abuse, but looks hopefully towards the future.

Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana

Whispers in the Wind is Jay Rose Ana’s first autobiographical collection of experiences which brought her life to a grinding halt in 2021. Her road to mental health recovery started with her heartbreaking realisation there was a problem. Recovery was intense and unpredictable as blackouts and memory-loss made each day, of the days she did remember, feel like whispers in the wind. This collection, written during these episodes, explores the extreme factors leading to her condition and how she is rebuilding a new normal to fabulous.

Whispers in the Wind by Jay Rose Ana

Whispers in the Wind
220 pages, includes 95 poems
ISBN 978-1-915787064.

Published by Mini Poetry Press
Cover Design by Martin Driscoll






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